Use “Timeslots“ to carry multiple actions for your time slot event (i.e. turn on timeslot view for your buy widget, ticket timeslot exchange and control of customer exclusivity for a timeslot.

  • To carry these actions out navigate from your event dashboard to “Setup” > “Dates” and click on the “clock” icon. 

  • “Show dates as timeslots” - select the checkbox to change the display of the dates to a grid of times in the buy tickets widget for easier customer interaction.

  • “Traffic light timeslots” - select the checkbox to colour code the customer calendar to a grid of times in the buy tickets widget for easier customer interaction. Make sure you set the percentage at which the timeslots show amber (when they are below this %).

  • “Multiple time slots”

  • Picking and choosing a timeslot for a few weeks ahead can be a mission for customers. Speaking to friends, family, looking at calendars, and planning days. Returning the next day to complete your booking once everyone's confirmed. We'll alert customers if their basket doesn't match up, to avoid disappointment on the day. If the choice was intentional, the customer can still complete the purchase. 
  • Organisers - you can turn this off for your event if it doesn't apply for you under Dates > Time slots > Settings. Otherwise, it's enabled by default (and recommended).


  • “One Customer per Ticket Type” Dedicate one entire ticket type for a customer at a time.

  • This is great for time slot events, where you have private sessions for each time slot. A good application is Lane booking for bowling. Create 6 ticket types, called Lane 1, Lane 2,.. Lane 6 and activate this feature on each one.

  • When a customer purchases any amount of tickets for a particular lane, the rest become unavailable for other customers to purchase - meaning no strangers can crash their bowling party.


  • “Timeslots exchangeable” - select the checkbox to allow your customer to exchange their tickets for equivalent tickets for a timeslot at a different time. If you wish to have a cut-off point for customer exchange add your desired time (in days, hours, minutes). 

  • Note: Click here for the guide on how to exchange tickets for customers in customer lookup.

  • “One customer per timeslot” - select the checkbox so when a customer reserves or purchases one or more tickets within a time slot, the time slot is marked as sold out for other customers.

  • Once you are happy with your choices, click “Save” to activate them.

Note - you can see what the colours on the “Dates” Calendar view represent by clicking the Colour “coding key” next to the blue “Multi-date Mode” button.