Use “Timeslots“ to carry multiple actions for your time slot event (i.e. turn on timeslot view for your buy widget, ticket timeslot exchange and control of customer exclusivity for a timeslot.

  • To carry these actions out navigate from your event dashboard to “Setup” > “Dates” and click on the “clock” icon. 

  • “Show dates as timeslots” - select the checkbox to change the display of the dates to a grid of times in the buy tickets widget for easier customer interaction.

  • “Timeslots exchangeable” - select the checkbox to allow your customer to exchange their tickets for equivalent tickets for a timeslot at a different time. If you wish to have a cut-off point for customer exchange add your desired time (in days, hours, minutes). 

  • Note: Click here for the guide on how to exchange tickets for customers in customer lookup.

  • “One customer per timeslot” - select the checkbox so when a customer reserves or purchases one or more tickets within a time slot, the time slot is marked as sold out for other customers.

  • Once you are happy with your choices, click “Save” to activate them.