The live stream server URL & key can be generated by navigating to your event dashboard and clicking “Setup” > ”Livestream Studio”. They will display under “Stream Settings”.

  • In the meantime, set up your livestream on your software (including prepared video, screen capture for any third party calls and your scenes/transitions for show production).

  • Note - You will see a Checklist on the Livestream Studio’s left-hand side. This will let you know what tasks you need to complete for the duration of your live stream.

  • Add the live stream URL & key to your livestream software’s stream settings as prompted on the checklist.


    • When you are ready to stream to viewers click “Go Live”. Your stream will now be viewable to ticket holders.

  • Top tip -  You can click “Access Livestream” to see what the viewers are watching.

  • The live stream event name
  • The live stream event information (edit in “Title & Description”)
  • The live stream start & finish time.
  • The live stream event’s viewer count.
  • The emoji reaction of your viewers  
  • If your customers need help with their live stream, they can click “Need Help” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to access the customer knowledge base with live stream FAQs.