To create a live stream "Watch again" or rental period by navigating to Setup > Tickets > “Edit” next to your ticket (or “Add Ticket Type”).

  • For a live stream, you can watch after the event for a short period of time (hours, days, weeks) or until a cut-off date and time.

  • Select the checkbox under “Watch Again” and either enter the cut-off date and time rewatch expires after the start date and time of the original event or the time period (in hours) the user will be able to watch from ticket purchase. 

  • If you want to leave the rental period on until the watch again toggle is turned off in the "Livestream Studio", leave the field blank.

  • Note: Make sure your rental period is written in an accepted format by seeing if the icon next to the text field says “valid”.  
  • Then click add ticket (or “Save Changes” for Edit Ticket). 

  • Your ticket types will now show the Rental Period below the title on your Buy tickets widget.

  • IMPORTANT!: Please make sure “watch again” is enabled in the Livestream Studio of your event, otherwise, ticket holders will not have access to the watch again/rental period. 

Click the link for the guide - Livestream Studio - How do I end the live stream for my event (closing your broadcast)?

Click the link for the guide - Livestream Studio - When should I enable “Watch Again” after my live stream has finished?