If your event sells out, users can subscribe to receive notifications if tickets become available at a later date.

  • To enable a waiting list on your event, navigate from your event dashboard to “Marketing” > “Waiting List”.

  • In the “Activate” tab, select the checkbox “Waiting list active” and click “Save”. 

  • When your event sells out, a “Join the waiting list” button will display on the ticket widget to which users can subscribe to the waiting list. They will then receive an email, notifying them they have successfully subscribed to the waiting list.

  • Note - If the user decides they want to Unsubscribe from your event’s waiting list, they can click the link at the bottom of the email.

  • The “Number of subscribers” will display in the “Activate” tab.  

  • When the tickets are sold out the  “Email users” tab will display with a message you cannot email your waiting list users.


  • If any tickets are made available in the “Email Users” tab, you can send a notification email to the waiting list users by clicking the blue button. 

  • A message will appear at the top of the screen that the email has been sent to all subscribers.

  • Your subscribers will receive an email with a link to your event page to buy the available tickets.